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GR8 Rewards Program Details

GR8 Rewards

When you shop on GR8 Skincare’s online store, you can earn GR8 Points that can be redeemed for future online GR8 Skincare purchases. It's simple, and it works just like you’d think.

You'll earn 1 GR8 Point for every dollar you spend on GR8 Skincare’s online store. Be on the lookout for special ways to earn bonus points, like social sharing, bonus days, and more. HINT: Text GR8SKN to 24587 to sign up for offers, including GR8 Rewards bonus alerts.

Your points are valid forever and do not expire! You can keep track of your point earnings in your online account.

Redeem GR8 Points at GR8 Skincare’s online store.

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See Terms & Conditions for full details.

How to Earn Points
- Buy GR8 Skincare Products. You earn 1 GR8 Point for every $1.00 spent on GR8 Skincare’s website. Earn GR8 Points on products and kits.
- Create Your Account. We even give you GR8 Points for simply creating your account. 
- Bonus Points. Earn bonus points by using the social share function on GR8 Skincare’s online store. GR8 Skincare will periodically issue alerts for special promotions, bonus days, featured products, etc. These alerts will be sent via our bi-weekly newsletter, text message, and/or posted on GR8 Skincare’s social media accounts. Opt in to the newsletter on GR8 Skincare’s online store. Opt in to receive text messages by texting GR8SKN to 24587.

      How to Redeem Points
      - Shop GR8 Skincare! To redeem your GR8 Points, visit our online store, click the "GR8 REWARDS" widget and select the reward you want. The reward will immediately be visible in your "My Rewards" section.

      Frequently Asked Questions
      How do I earn GR8 Points? You'll earn 1 GR8 Point for every dollar you spend on GR8 Skincare’s online store.
      What are GR8 Points worth? Each GR8 Point is worth 10 cents on GR8 Skincare’s online store. For example, after you spend $100, you will have $10 worth of GR8 Points.
      Do points expire? Nope! Your points never expire. 
      When will I earn points? You will earn points when you buy products and kits from GR8 Skincare’s online store (www.gr8skn.myshopify.com).
      When will I NOT earn points? You will not earn points for purchases made at a GR8 Skincare retailer, or purchases made with points. Point values will be calculated before taxes and shipping, and after any promotional discounts have been applied.
      Can I give my GR8 Points to someone else? We love your generous spirit! Unfortunately, GR8 Points are not transferable. Of course, you are always welcome to buy products or gift cards for a friend.
      How can I tell how many GR8 Points I have? To view your points balance, log into your GR8 Skincare account and open the "GR8 REWARDS" widget.
      Is there a maximum number of GR8 Points I can earn or redeem at a time? Nope! The sky’s the limit.
      What is the cash value of my GR8 Points? GR8 Points have no cash value and cannot be redeemed for cash.
      What happens to points if I return an item? GR8 Points will be forfeited when an item is returned or refunded.

        Still have a question? Send us an email at info@gr8skn.com.

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        Terms & Conditions
        By purchasing products from GR8 Skincare/Teenceuticals LLC while logged in to your GR8 Skincare account, you agree to participate in GR8 Skincare’s GR8 Rewards program and the program's associated terms & conditions.
        GR8 Points are earned on purchases of GR8 Skincare products made directly from GR8 Skincare. GR8 Skincare will determine the rate at which points are earned on each purchase and the rate may change from time to time without notice. The purchase price eligible to earn reward points shall be determined by the product total after reduction for all sales, discounts, adjustments, credits, point redemptions and coupons, including gift certificates that were issued where cash payment for the certificate was less than face value.
        GR8 Skincare may from time to time award bonus points based on product purchased, purchase date, first-time purchase and other programs developed or to be developed. The bonus point awards will be specified for each promotion. Additional terms and restrictions may apply.
        Taxes, surcharges, shipping and handling fees and other charges associated with the delivery of the merchandise or taxes and fees imposed by any government agency are not eligible for GR8 Points.
        Not all merchandise may be eligible for point awards. Unless otherwise stated, purchases of GR8 Skincare products from sources other than GR8 Skincare’s online store are ineligible for GR8 Points even if that source is an authorized GR8 Skincare retailer. GR8 Skincare employee and wholesale purchases do not qualify.
        Points may be redeemed for GR8 reward coupons online at www.gr8skn.myshopify.com. Other promotions may not apply.
        In order to redeem GR8 Points, the amount of GR8 Points redeemed must be equal to or greater than the value of the GR8 reward coupon. Shipping and handling fees, and taxes may apply. Other fees may apply from time to time without notice.
        GR8 Skincare reserves the right to hold, modify or cancel any GR8 Points order at its sole discretion. Points have no cash value, are not redeemable for cash, and are non-transferable.
        Points do not expire.
        Return of products purchased with points is subject to GR8 Skincare's return policy which may change from time to time. GR8 Skincare reserves the right to refuse to accept returns of products paid for in whole or in part with GR8 Points. Point adjustments in connection with the return of products purchased with GR8 Points will be determined at GR8 Skincare's sole discretion.
        GR8 Skincare reserves the right to modify or cancel its GR8 Rewards program and/or other loyalty programs at any time without notice. GR8 Skincare reserves the right to cancel or revoke any account at any time without notice or compensation. Unused points in a customer's account at the time of cancellation, revocation, or program termination shall be forfeited without compensation. GR8 Skincare reserves the right to adjust customer point balances for errors, including, without limitation, intentional and/or unintentional typographical errors and errors of omission by customers, GR8 Skincare or its systems (electronic or otherwise).